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Start page > The next big inVENTilation

2012-02-22 15:32:23

The next big inVENTilation

We asked ourselves what ventilation would be like in the future. What inventions we will make.
When the solutions appeared to us, another question arose:
Why wait?

We are the first ones out. We will be the last ones standing.
We don’t just make ventilation systems. We invent them.
Discover the next pioneering inVENTilation at the Nordbygg exhibition in Stockholm and Mostra Convegno in Milan.

Visit us:
Nordbygg, Stockholm, March 20th - 23rd 2012, Hall A, booth 40:20
Mostra Convegno, Milan, March 27th - 30th 2012, Hall 24, booth K19 - L12

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