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Search result: Industry: Manufacture of refined petroleum products
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 Company CountryCityTurnover EUR (x1000)
Avifuels Oy
  Vantaa80 635
Axel Christiernsson AB
  Nol31 967
Canadian Oil Company Sweden AB
  Svedala1 737
Daka Denmark A/S
  Loesning57 251
Dansk Shell, A/S
  Copenhagen S2 801 400
Ecobränsle i Karlshamn AB
EME Energiproduktion i Sexdrega AB
  Sexdrega1 174
ExxonMobil Finland Oy Ab
  Espoo70 836
ExxonMobil Sverige AB
  Gothenburg17 928
Forchem Oy
  Rauma129 687
Green Fuel Nordic Oy
Guideline Geo AB (publ)
  Stockholm12 859
Göteborgs Smörjmedelsfabrik (Scanlube) AB
  Gothenburg62 319
Härjedalens Miljöbränsle AB
  Sveg13 859
KS-Terminal AB
  Koeping1 621
Lantmännen Aspen AB
  Hindas57 563
Mongstad Refining DA
  Mongstad13 587
Neste Oil Oyj
  Neste Oil17 853 000
Neste Renewable Fuels Oy
  Neste Oil1 349 104
Nordic Lubricants Oy
  Vantaa21 650
Pinifer Ltd, Oy
  Liminka1 161
Preem AB
  Stockholm12 196 110
St1 Refinery AB
  Gothenburg65 096
Statoil Refining Denmark A/S
  Kalundborg4 368 020
Swedish Biofuels AB
  Stockholm1 028

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