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Treatment of personal information on Largestcompanies
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Treatment of personal information on Largestcompanies

  • Nordic Netproducts AB has a personal information responsibility, and treats personal name data of decision makers in the companies connected to

  • Nordic Netproducts AB contacts all the companies in its database on a yearly basis through questionnaires or via our web interface in order to assure the correctness of the data published on

  • Nordic Netproducts AB has a registered personal information representative at the Swedish Data Inspection Board.

  • Nordic Netproducts AB does not publish integrity sensitive personal information.

  • Nordic Netproducts AB immediately corrects any inaccuracies, and removes decision makers from if they do not wish to participate on the site.

  • Copyright laws protect the information in the database. Nordic Netproducts AB hence requires its customers to always state the information source when using personal name data obtained from Largestcompanies in their send outs.